Contemporary Home Design with Striped Line Wall Design

Bedroom with Rustic Bedding Style Used White Interior Color Decor

In modern era, we will meet the contemporary home design in some ways. In this case, the design that will be gained is the modern house that is located in Karjaa, Finland. The house is popular with its name of home Apelle. It was designed by Marco Casagrande in 2013. The house has multipurpose. Here follow the images to make the details of this house is better. The contemporary home design construction is applied in white nuance […]

Modern Residence Surrounded with Simple Exterior

Brown Chairs Brown Table which is Made from Wooden Material with Snow Mountain Scenery

This Linear House is a modern residence that is located in Aspen, Colorado. The designer of this Linear House, Studio B Architects, is built in a natural environment with fresh and cool air. With the breezy wind outside, it becomes unquestionable that this Linear House is built and designed to provide the comfort and warmth to get the cold away. The modern design is employed with simple exterior to make this modern […]

Modern Home in White Interior

White Chairs Grey Floor which is Made from Concrete Blocks and Green Plants Garden

This Home in Parede is a modern home located in Parede, Cascais, Portugal. Designed by Humberto Conde, this Home in Parede fantastically designed in all-white interior design along with simple and minimalist interior style. The all-white interior helps making each space looks bright. Moreover, with the help of transparent glass material, the all-white room would appear even brighter due the abundance of natural light along with the airy vibe flowing throughout every space. Walking inside the living room of […]

Makeup Mirror with Lights: The Must-Have Assistant

wall mounted makeup mirror with lights for bathroom

One of the most important furniture that every woman must have is the makeup mirror with lights. Whether they will choose a simple model or other models which come with some customization, this furniture is a great way to help them look great before they go out. And if you are one of those women looking for the perfect makeup mirror, knowing some types available in the market will help […]

Standing Lamps for Cool Interior Design in Modern Home

Kitchen with Wide Counter and Wooden Drawers

Susan Drover, one of the brilliant interior designers in SAM Design, is really happy taking us on a short tour to visit her charming modern home with interior lighting of standing lamps. Located in Canada, Susan’s home exhibits the wonderful spacious home wrapped in bright and airy vibe due the open interior and abundant natural light. The interior itself showcases the stunning idea with colorful splash that certainly will bring […]

Wall Shelving for Stylish Wooden House Building

Glass and Wooden Dining Table and Chairs

The famous Japanese architectural firm called Fujiwarramuro Architects has created a wooden house building with wall shelving that is located in Nada, Japan. We can call this name of house as House in Nada. This kind of house is a contemporary house design. It acquires a small 398 square foot; it is kind of efficient home design. The materials applied in dominant are the wood materials that are combined with […]